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Hi! I'm Henry and this is my website - learn more about me here and find out ways to get in touch.

About me NHS Head of Digital Delivery and Undegraduate Supervisor

👨‍💻 Digital Specialist

I'm a broad based digital specialist with a special interest in healthcare and government technology. This has included roles as a product owner, technical business analyst and user researcher (and even a short stint as a junior full-stack developer).

I am currently Head of Digital Delivery for NHS Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West ICB where I lead on delivery of digital projects to improve integration across the region. Before this I worked over at The PSC Digital where I helped to deliver impactful digital solutions for public services.

👨‍🏫 Academia

As of the 2023/24 academic year I supervise Software and Security Engineering at the University of Cambridge. I have also previously supervised Object Oriented Programming (22/23) and Operating Systems (22/23). If you're my supervisee and you're looking for your work - it's not here it's on Google Classroom!

Before supervising I honed my teaching skills at the University of Reading where I completed a PGCE (with QTS) in Secondary Computer Science teaching. My technical background comes from University of Cambridge (Homerton College) where I graduated with a first class BA in Computer Science. Whilst there I was the Vice-President External on the Homerton Union of Students and spent most of my time campaigning on the bus issue (again and again and ...).

If you want to know more about me you can check out my full CV and get in touch using LinkedIn.

Latest Musings

Perfecting patient privacy - 2 hour Agile challenge

I've a bit of time between jobs and wanted to keep my user centred design skills sharp so I set myself a challenge to see how far I could get with a Discovery and Alpha into the tricky issue of health data privacy in just 2 hours. The blog below …

apt-get install Windows XP

So you know what it's like - your PC is beginning to slow down, things are taking longer than they need to. Plus, for a reason you can't work out, Windows 11 will only let you have 5 uninterrupted minutes of functional trackpad at a time. So, what does somebody in …

UML arrows - WTH?!

When you teach, you reveal the world's lies. This weekend I've been dispelling the idea the words "universal" or "standard" should ever be written in the world of software - demonstrated through the medium of the arrows in Unified Modelling Language (UML) class diagrams.

UML class diagrams can be used to …

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